Online Security Information

The Bank of Commerce is committed to protecting your online banking experience.


--Your financial and personal information is protected with 256 bit SSL encryption

--You will always be asked to enter your unique User ID and passcode upon login

--You will be asked to answer personalized security questions if you use a different computer from a computer you regularly use

--You will be automatically logged out of online banking after 10 minutes of inactivity


You can also take these precautions to help safe guard your personal information

--Select a unique User ID and Passcode for Bank of Commerce services

--Choose Security Questions that are difficult to guess, but easy for you to remember

--Don't share your User ID or Passcode with anyone

--Don't step away from your computer during an online banking session

--Always log out of your online banking session

--Don't use public or unprotected Wi-Fi to access online banking

--Always use a trusted PC for all your financial transactions such as a dedicated personal computer

--Never use a shared public PC for financial transactions

--Take note of the look and feel of the online banking pages as unadvertised changes to these pages could indicate a fraudulent page

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Below are links to government websites and resources concerning online identity theft and steps you can take to protect yourself online.